Lower Extremity Disorders

Hip Pain

Hip pain is very common in people of old ages. However, the cause of hip pain varies significantly. Most people do not know that the facet joints in the lumbar vertebrae refer pain into the hip. Many muscles in the low back thigh and buttock also refer pain into the hip. This means, that in the elderly, extreme hip pain does not always require a hip replacement. This article is a great review of chiropractic treatments for the hip: Hoskins W, McHardy A, Pollard H, Windsham R, Onley R. Chiropractic treatment of lower extremity conditions: a literature review. J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 2006 Oct;29(8):658-71.

Knee Pain

Knee pain can certainly prevent you from your daily exercise, an athlete out of practice, and prevent other folks from simple everyday task such as walking. The knee is the impact zone for the force of gravity traveling down and the ground reaction or "normal force" traveling up the leg when the foot is placed on the ground. Therefore, many things can contribute to knee pain. One possible cause might be referred pain from the large pelvic joints, repetitive stress on the knee cartilage and menisci, increased carrying angle, short tight hamstrings and weak abdominal muscles, flat feet and poor foot mechanics. These are well managed with gentle manipulation and soft tissue procedures such as Nimmo or Active Release Techniques. (JMPT Feb. 2000. Suter E., et al.)

Ankle Sprains

Ankle Sprains: JMPT, 2001;24(1):17-24. This study compared chiropractic manipulation to a placebo group following ankle sprains. Both groups improved, but there were statistically significant benefits in the chiropractic group including a: Reduction in pain, subjectively enhanced ankle ROM and function and, objectively increased dorsiflexion (goniometer) & decreased pain (algometer). Why? Chiropractic treatments advocate motion shortly after injury. The sooner a sprained joint is motioned, the sooner a patient regains their normal range of motion. This applies to ANY joint in the body.

Foot Pain

Foot pain: Most foot pain is caused by the fact that we confine our feet in shoes and spend most of our life walking on concrete. The World Health Organization statistics show that unindustrialized nations have less foot problems. There is a reason why the medical branch of podiatry is surviving - foot pain is real. Chiropractic offers an alternative to podiatry that includes gentle manipulation, ultrasound treatment and massage for conditions such as flat feet, plantar fasciitis , forefoot and midfoot pain. We also can fit you for custom orthodics. A reduction of symptoms is usually gained within 1-3 visits.